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CirrusPoint offers many different transformational services and opportunities to engage.

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Technology Architecture Assessment

Build your best-of-breed enterprise (DevOps/SecOps/NetOps) architecture with help from CirrusPoint.  Learn how to assemble a more cost-effective and integrated approach to service management, monitoring, reporting, and notification.  Extract business value and insight from existing technology. 

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Enterprise Technology Strategy

Let’s define and build the right plan together along with an approach that will recognize success (this year) with your transformation objectives. Sit down with the experts from CirrusPoint and we can help you make the best decisions on technology direction/spend and align results with an effective operational approach.  Do you know what you can or should move to the cloud?  Do you know what provides the biggest cost savings by converting to a service?

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Operational Process & Automation

CirrusPoint can help you extract the top value out of your technology investments and bridge the gaps between Operations, Engineering, and the rest of the organization while moving to a proactive culture that embraces of technology innovation. CirrusPoint enables the organization to improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of operational response & remediation through intelligent automation methods and best practices.

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Enablement & Education

Fully utilize technology by enabling people to operate it effectively and automate where it makes sense. CirrusPoint consults with teams throughout the organization to identify specific needs and then reconciles with the architecture and current set of tools/objectives. Critical gaps are identified and fixed, but the key is to better leverage all the many existing tools and data sources while increasing overall range of visibility throughout the company.

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Future-Proofing & Cost-Cutting

Let’s identify what cost-cutting measures will have the most impact on operational efficiency and the least impact on risk and company fallout. Focus on building a future-proof architecture with adaptable automation and protection over investments. CirrusPoint can help you cut through the fog and reduce expense while advancing towards business goals.

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Deployments & Integrations

Let CirrusPoint help you orchestrate and bring everything together cohesively. CirrusPoint can help you guide and tackle large deployments and integrate complex data sources and tools appropriately.  We will complete the integrations on the back-end so it can be used more effectively across Operations and IT.   Let’s knock out these tactical efforts quickly so you can focus on important business initiatives.

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Assess. Enable. Improve.

Outcomes that Provide Value

Identify what’s best for your organization, your role, and plan to execute on it. CirrusPoint uses an approach that has a deep focus on building organizational value that lasts well into the future.

Assurance & Usability

Capitalize on the investments by ensuring they can be used by more than just one person or small team. CirrusPoint will optimize technology within the current architecture and streamline processes for effective operations.

Expected Results & Growth

Leverage the power of knowledge and let technology leaders excel.  CirrusPoint believes in enabling resources through hands-on training and education to elevate visibility, communication, and collaboration.
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