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Technology Architecture Assessment & Roadmap

Build your best-of-breed enterprise architecture with help from CirrusPoint.  Learn how to assemble a more cost-effective and fully-integrated approach to service management, DevOps, monitoring, reporting, and notification.  Extract business value and insight from existing technology and tools by establishing an architecture that’s appropriately integrated and works for your organization. 

Combine the architecture buildout with the establishment of your strategic roadmap and a plan for what the future direction of IT  looks like at your company.  CirrusPoint can help your organization develop and execute the roadmap and ensure you know how to present it to the Board for a “win”.  

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Enterprise Technology Strategy & IT Governance

Define and build the right plan and use an approach that will allow the organization to recognize success this year.  CirrusPoint provides expert services to help the enterprise assess and improve the maturity of IT Governance.  Establish the corporate technology strategy and improve process and controls.  CirrusPoint looks at multiple layers of IT Service Management, Security, I&O, customer facing IT and other areas to provide a forward path for fixing technology enabled processes. 

CirrusPoint uses a blended methodology and best practices from a multiple frameworks (ITIL, COBIT, etc.) to provide the most relevant experience and a deliverable focused the steps and actions needed to succeed.  CirrusPoint has been called on to establish the “action plan” after our clients extensive  engagement with the industry leading analyst firmCirrusPoint can help organizations make the best decisions on technology direction/spend and aligns the organizational objectives with the most effective operational approach. 

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Operational Process & IT Service Management Automation

Extract top value out of your technology investments by bridging the gaps between Operations, Engineering, and the rest of the organization while moving to a proactive culture that embraces of technology innovation. CirrusPoint provides professional services to help IT and Operations improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of operational response & remediation by applying intelligent automation methods and best practices for ITSM.  Strategic process level assessments are available to help improve operations across Infrastructure, Security & Network Command Centers, Network Operations, Central Command, Ecommerce, Commercial, and Applications. 

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Enablement & Education

Protect the investments in technology by ensuring all your users know how to connect with the real value of them.  CirrusPoint provides a number of customized and structured training courses & sessions for select technology platforms in the industry.   This includes CirrusPoint ServiceDashboard as well as a number of specific platforms that are commonly used today for Service Desk & Monitoring. 

CirrusPoint enables an organization to operate effectively by being more informed.  Professional Services are provided to help organizations identify the skill gaps in staff training as it relates to the strategic platforms being used throughout the organization.  CirrusPoint consults with teams to identify specific needs and enablement gaps and then an action plan is put in place along with a Training Roadmap for the year.  Enablement services are designed to help organizations improve culture through knowledge and to utilized all the existing investments in data/tools.

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Future-Proofing & Cost-Cutting

Capitalize on the quick-win opportunities across the enterprise to reduce expense.  CirrusPoint helps organizations identify what cost-cutting measures will have the most impact for the business (and for operational efficiency), and counter that by identifying what investments have the least impact on risk and company fallout if they are to be removed. This service focuses on building a future-proof architecture with adaptable automation and ensuring the organization is using the full value of technology investments long-term.

CirrusPoint will help your organization establish the action plan and deliverables needed to reduce expense while advancing towards business goals.  The focus is on accelerating the pace for technology and service delivery, but doing it with efficiency, accuracy, and success.

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Projects, Deployments & Integrations

CirrusPoint helps organizations orchestrate major CIO led initiatives and deployments while bringing everything together cohesively for a successful close. CirrusPoint tackles large deployments and integrations of complex data sources, monitoring tools, service desk solutions, and CMDB’s to help Operations and IT run more effectively.   Knock out the tactical efforts quickly so you can focus on important business initiatives.

Contact CirrusPoint to discuss your unique requirements and how to accelerate toward strategic wins. 

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Assess. Enable. Improve.

Outcomes that Provide Value

Identify what’s best for your organization, and execute on it.  The “approach” matters.  CirrusPoint takes a solution-oriented approach that has a deep focus on building organizational value that lasts well into the future.    What is your approach?

Assurance & Usability

Capitalize on technology investments by ensuring they can be used by more than just one person or small team. CirrusPoint will optimize technology within the current architecture and streamline processes for effective operations.

Expected Results & Growth

Leverage the power of knowledge and let technology leaders excel.  CirrusPoint believes in enabling resources effectively to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration.
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