Application Topology Service Mapping

Use Case Overview

Areas of Focus:
Application Monitoring & Reporting, Application Service Dependency Mapping,  Enterprise Ecommerce

CirrusPoint assisted multiple companies including a Fortune 100 organization with mapping out their eCommerce platform along with several other apps and preparing it for monitoring and automation.  CirrusPoint’s was specifically leveraged for their industry expertise and technical capabilities in this area along with having a unique approach to gathering information and building support across global application teams.  CirrusPoint has experience with several different topology/discovery solutions on the market.


Ability to better prepare, plan and manage for changes across infrastructure and applications.
New level of visibility into the complex web of both on-prem and 3rd party applications.
A better understanding of dependencies between application components and internal groups.
Ability to better diagnose app performance issues across network infrastructure, IoT, cloud, edge, storage, and converged/virtual systems.
Ability to extract some value out of a large overly committed ITOM initiative using ServiceNow.


Providing real-time status monitoring.
Data integrity across corporate divisions.
Bi-directional CMDB integration.
Knowing who might be impacted by change.
Ability to react on performance anomalies detected vs waiting for outages to occur.