A Single Platform. Complete Transparency. Operational Excellence.

Enterprise Monitoring

Full spectrum visibility across multi-cloud & hybrid environments.  Correlation & RCA between infrastructure, security, & applications.

Business Impact Analysis

Top-down perspective on risk and impact across business lines and locations.  Quick access to the root-cause of service impacting anomalies.


Automated Reporting & Notification

Accurate and reliable reporting for line of business leaders and automated notifications for IT and Operations. Enable the proactive side!

A new level of visibility has arrived

CirrusPoint is here to help transform IT and simplify the process by providing better solutions and automating things like monitoring, reporting, notification, and incident remediation. The enterprise ServiceDashboard brings a consolidated starting point for IT and Operations and a centralized place for business leaders to access real-time analytics on corporate risk, health, performance, availability, and SLA.  CirrusPoint offers a true “end-to-end” perspective.

ServiceDashboard: The Enterprise Prevention Platform

Enabling proactive collaboration and better decisions through automated reporting

Do something with your data.  Take action.  Prevent!  ServiceDashboard provides KPI reporting across corporate infrastructure, security assets, IoT, network, cloud, edge devices, virtual systems, and mission critical applications.  The solution enables real value with a new layer of proactive prevention around performance impact, capacity constraints, risk, and unhealthy response times across IT systems and Network/Security Operations centers.  Leverage anomaly detection, predictive analysis, and Automated Intelligence (AI) to isolate real problems from symptoms and reduces the number of false positives going into the event, notification, and ticketing systems.  A lot of time and money is spent on collecting data.  Let’s use it!

Enterprise Value

CirrusPoint clients recognize the value early and accelerate transformation in many different ways.

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Reducing Incidents, Problems, & Tickets

Focusing on automated root-cause detection and intelligent fault analysis.

Ability to Plan, Prepare, & Prevent Impact

Meaningful data and reports that are reliable, automated, and distributed on-time.

Improving Operational Response for Customers

A comprehensive and unified source of truth. Actionable data for global enterprise teams.

Streamline Integration and Enterprise Architecture

Centralized holistic perspectives, reduced tool overlap, and enterprise-wide visibility.

Transform Business with CirrusPoint.  

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