Enterprise Monitoring & SLA Reporting for IT and Business Operations.

Technology continues to become increasingly complex with no signs of easing as we virtualize, converge, and outsource our infrastructure and services.  For most, it has become a challenge to track and cross-check serviceability along with the root-cause of business impact due to the disparate nature of IT assets, virtualized devices, applications in the cloud, and the providers who service them all.  As we try to innovate and solve the service assurance challenges across large hybrid environments, a more holistic approach becomes necessary for making sense out of all the data and events collected on a daily basis in order to drive accountability and provide transparency.  Intelligent and automated analysis is needed in order to take action on the many conditions reported that lead to business impact and security risk.  Having this allows an organization to be less reactive and more prevention-focused.

CirrusPoint has engineered an approach to orchestrate both real-time status and historical data to provide that true end-to-end perspective that enables a proactive IT operations from anywhere. The platform offers a complete and modernized approach for full stack monitoring at enterprise scale and integrates with current data sources too.  Available as either a SaaS offering or perpetual license.  Contact CirrusPoint to learn more.

Enterprise Monitoring

Full spectrum visibility across multi-cloud & hybrid environments.  Correlation & RCA between infrastructure, security, & applications.

Business Impact Analysis

Top-down perspective on risk and impact across business lines and locations.  Quick access to the root-cause of service impacting anomalies.


Automated Reporting & Notification

Accurate and reliable reporting for line of business leaders and automated notifications for IT and Operations. Enable the proactive side!

A new level of visibility has arrived

CirrusPoint is here to transform and simplify the process of monitoring, reporting, and notification across Infrastructure and Operations.  The enterprise ServiceDashboard solution brings a consolidated starting point for IT Operations along with a centralized place for business leaders to access real-time analytics on corporate risk, service health, performance, availability, and SLA.  If you are a CIO looking for transparency across providers and service delivery channels, CirrusPoint’s CIO Dashboard provides accurate insights into business impact along with a top down view of the entire technology footprint.  CirrusPoint offers a true “end-to-end” perspective that can be used across the organization from anywhere, at any level.

CirrusPoint provides enterprise observability across network, cloud, security, applications, voice, storage, IT systems, and more.

Organizations benefit by keeping all their stakeholders informed on the health of their services including the underlying performance & capacity and what risks exist across the technology stack that supports each business line or location.  CirrusPoint ensures that the environment is resilient and running without interruptions while enabling meaningful collaboration across Operations teams (NetOps, SecOps, Ecom, Apps).

ServiceDashboard: The Enterprise Prevention Platform

Enabling proactive collaboration and better decisions through automated reporting

CirrusPoint transforms all the data being collected by suppressing the noise and making data actionable in order to enable proactive response.  ServiceDashboard provides SLA & KPI reporting and performance/capacity analysis across assets in multi-cloud environments including infrastructure, security, IoT, network, edge devices, virtual systems, and mission critical applications.  The solution comes with a new layer of prevention-based analytics around enterprise performance, impact, risk, and response.  The ability to detect anomalies and provide predictive analysis helps isolate real problems from symptoms and reduces the number of false positives going into the Service Desk and ticketing systems.  The solution reduces the cost of data collection and identifies what data is truly valuable to the business.

CirrusPoint provides a comprehensive source for automated reports on the health of the business.

Enterprise Value

CirrusPoint helps organizations recognize value early in their journey.

Accelerate the Transformation!

Explore All Solutions

Reducing Incidents, Problems, & Tickets

Focusing on automated root-cause detection and intelligent fault analysis.

Ability to Plan, Prepare, & Prevent Impact

Accurate & reliable reports available on-demand. Cross-check your providers!

Improving Operational Response to Customers

A comprehensive and unified source of truth. Actionable data for global enterprise teams.

Streamline Integration & Enterprise Architecture

Centralized holistic perspectives, streamline tools and increase enterprise-wide visibility.

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