The CirrusPoint Approach: Enterprise KPI Dashboards & Monitoring Tools

Having an understanding of how services are performing (both past and present) is the best way to plan, prepare, and identify what customers need and how they might be impacted by changes across IT and workload policies.  CirrusPoint is proud to offer an innovative and self-servicing approach for KPI dashboards and enterprise monitoring & reporting.

CirrusPoint’s ServiceDashboard enterprise solution can be used for a variety of business objectives, so let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits offered.

Integrated SaaS Solution & Ready-to-Use Reporting

There’s a lot to keep track of if you are an enterprise executive for a large organization… Where’s the root-cause impact and cost drainage?  Who’s accountable?  How do I plan and prepare for capacity, performance, and change while avoiding security risk?  What do I have for inventory and assets?

Having a centralized perspective (viewable on a single/shared screen or report) that’s easy to interpret and one that leverages KPI’s from across all areas and all asset classes is how to become proactive as an organization.   CirrusPoint provides a wide-range of coverage across IT along with end-to-end reporting in a multi-cloud enterprise environment including network, voice, virtual, SDWAN, converged infrastructure, and mission-critical applications.

Having real-time data along with historical information enables organizations to analyze, prepare, and correct service and performance issues as they surface and automate the remediation.  ServiceDashboard also provides insights into the ticket handling and the management of customer facing incidents across the enterprise ITSM platforms and across service providers in effort to improve customer response and resolution.

A Cross-Platform & Multi-Cloud Solution

ServiceDashboard is compatible in a multi-cloud environment (i.e. AWS, AZURE, GCP) and monitors and reports across a massive library of vendor devices and application services. The solution is also pre-integrated with most of the commonly used enterprise tools and data sources and fills the gap for the AI needed to to correlate and detect root-cause.

The solution was designed to replace or enhance domain-specific tools and adds business value to many of the solutions from providers such as AppDynamics, Splunk, Solarwinds, NNM, Tivoli, Netcool, etc.  Within the enterprise architecture, ServiceDashboard is used as a precursor to ticketing in solutions like ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira, Cherwell, and others for automating the RCA ahead of creating incidents and it provides the real-time business impact analysis needed to prioritize response, dispatch, and notification.  The cost savings and ROI is quick and clearly recognizable when using a modern architecture like CirrusPoint’s to consolidates enterprise monitoring tools and improve collaboration and usability.

Proven and Measurable Results

With CirrusPoint, orchestration becomes validated.  ServiceDashboard completes the architecture by also measuring and reporting on the operational quality of service being delivered to end users and customers.  ServiceDashboard is a proven platform that reports more accurately and timely than any ITSM based ticking solution since it brings the ability to correlate and analyze – prior to creating tickets.  Your reports are going to be super reliable and more credible to the executive teams than any other source once we help you eliminate the unnecessary “noise” created from manual ticketing that skews your data.

The improvements are recognized and validated through having reduced incidents in operations, better executive oversight for planning, and a better customer experience.   Try it for your self.  CirrusPoint makes it easy for your organization to experience our solution.   Keep your business running at peak performance and contact us to get started on a solution trial for your company.

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