What Can CirrusPoint Do for You?

So your company might be collecting and storing tons of data. but how effectively are you utilizing it?

As organizations move towards digital orchestration, one of the most common challenges is finding a way to effectively use data for making proactive decisions for the various technology silos and across the many corporate entities.

Too often the collected data is disconnected from actionable meaning and difficult to analyze for any sort of business impact or root-cause analysis.  It becomes even harder to correlate the data across the many IT divisions and associate it to a customer or a user.  The ability properly plan and prepare along with any strategic insights get lost like a needle in a haystack while we continue to wait for IT and Operations to uncover actionable outcomes in a timely manner that supports the rapidly changing environment.

CirrusPoint solves this through a better approach to data orchestration and event management that’s highly automated, responsive, and flexible among all the various data and event sources. Our single-pane-of-glass dashboard provides deep insight into many aspects of IT and DevOps while offering a more automated approach to identifying Root-Cause and Business Impact.

Introducing the ServiceDashboard

The CirrusPoint ServiceDashboard offers a holistic perspective of business impact and real-time status on availability, performance, health, and service level of lines of business along with all the IT infrastructure and applications that support them. We have recognized the need to make KPI Reporting more accurate, consolidated, and easy to use across lines of business so that everyone can benefit from making better decisions.

ServiceDashboard is a proactive monitoring solution that provides real-time anomaly detection along with capacity, performance, and predictive analysis.  The solution allows you to monitor assets more proactively and discover/track inventory more timely and with precision and accuracy. ServiceDashboard watches over the organization to ensure visibility over status for compliance and regulations.

CirrusPoint is your Partner for IT Transformation

CirrusPoint experts have years of experience helping some of the most established businesses achieve their transformation goals more rapidly, more smoothly, and more cost-effectively. We work with clients to understand long-term transformation goals and then make it achievable in a shorter timeframe.

The combined solutions and services show ROI quickly by reducing incidents, improving customer experience, making smarter use of data, minimizing support and operations costs, and much more.  Enable your transformation to succeed by contacting CirrusPoint today.

Also, please check out the interview that Kevin Martin (CEO of CirrusPoint) did for CIO Applications regarding the topic of transformation.

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