KPI Dashboards should offer transformational value on a large scale

Dashboards are everywhere.  Almost every tool and software product today has one.   The good ones not only look cool, they are also functional, easy to navigate, and have actionable and meaningful purpose to them.  That’s extremely important.  There are also other important aspects that are commonly overlooked, but necessary for creating a user base that’s willing to adopt new solutions and embrace the benefits.  There are a few points to consider.

Proactive Operational Response  

Business dashboard solutions should enable operational teams with real-time data and response to any important issues that are impacting service delivery. This includes the ability to send proactive and automated notifications to mobile devices and interactive dashboards. By enabling cross-functional teams to learn about real-time changes in performance and with security assets will help reduce and prevent major incidents from occurring.   Having real-time data along with historical trends which are accessible from the same place can help Operations teams can better prioritize response and reduce tickets and MTTR.

Access to problems, not just symptoms 

KPI dashboards must have the intelligence built in to determine and separate actionable “ticket-worthy” data from all the many symptoms being generated across the enterprise.  Too much noise goes into the ITSM platforms today and that extra noise has a major impact on operations and the credibility of reporting and the tools used to provide data.  The users will eventually only trust (and use) solutions that are accurate and reliable. They also want to be able to correlate data across disparate boundaries and have the ability to eliminate the symptoms before creating alarms and tickets in their ITSM platforms.

Combine Top-Down Reporting with Bottom-Up – a winning strategy

Single-pane-of-glass dashboards and KPI solutions will have the most impact if you are able to view both the logical and physical perspective of business/technology and from different perspectives.  The technical staff may need to search for things by device, circuit, capacity, or performance whereas other parts of the business may just want the top-down logical view of how their service or location is being impacted and what the cause is.  There’s a benefit to viewing data from multiple perspectives which also aids in building a collaborative culture more organically due to the sense of transparency created across global dependencies, services, and users.  Everyone needs to be informed for this to work!

Integration, Automation and Abstraction Layer 

Integration and ease of integration are major considerations for building a centralized KPI Dashboard for different lines of business and parts of the business. A consolidated approach requires the ability to bring in useful data from disparate sources more easily and aligned it to a semantic-based data model in effort to correlate and analyze information more effectively.  Also, the flow and analysis of data should be looked at more closely and could be automated with the right approach.

CirrusPoint can help!   

It is realized that there are more tools now than ever before and the complexities have only grown with all the new transformational initiatives surrounding AI, Cloud, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, etc…  Having visibility across all assets and services is not only useful for making quick and accurate decisions, it’s required today for keeping corporate leadership informed on customer impact, cost, and on the service level trends.

CirrusPoint can help if you are looking for a better way to track the overall quality of service, manage hybrid assets, and monitor the KPIs in real-time.  Having a fully integrated KPI dashboard and robust set of enterprise monitoring tools available from CirrusPoint, can help you can orchestrate a complete and successful ITSM program on a global scale.

Let CirrusPoint streamline your enterprise architecture and simplify operations

Developed from the necessity for comprehensive end-to-end reporting across networks, critical systems, and corporate applications, CirrusPoint has been helping organizations accelerate transformation efforts and connect more holistically (and visually) with what’s going on across IT, Operations, and with the services provided to customers.

 Contact CirrusPoint to learn how to take visibility to the next level.


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