Central Enterprise Monitoring

Use Case Overview

Areas of Focus:
End-to-End Monitoring & Reporting, Cross-Domain Correlation for Infrastructure & Applications, Consolidate Enterprise Monitoring Tools

CirrusPoint facilitated efforts at a very large enterprise organization to centralize many different instrumentation and data sources across internal and cloud assets for a corporate-wide “end-to-end” perspective.  A key focus was to supplement silo-based views and point tools with a central starting (and entry point) to see business impact, risk, performance, and service levels.


Experienced a major positive shift in operational effectiveness.
Filled long-standing gap for end-to-end visibility with ability to drill down to point-tools for more data.
Obtained a central source of truth across disparate tools and teams that’s accurate and reliable.
Extended visibility across data/sources and a wider range-of-use across the user base.
Provided user base a centralized place to access dashboards and reports on their service offering and KPI’s.