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Rapid Deployment

Enterprise solutions do not have to take several months to deploy.  Experience what it’s like to connect with real value right away and show a return now while it makes a difference.

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Adaptable & Easy to Use

Keeping the lights on and all systems running at peak performance is hard enough despite the specialized skills needed to maintain them.  CirrusPoint reduces the burden of complexity with a solution that is easy to use.

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Enterprise Scalability

There are many solutions on the market, but most are not designed for the enterprise at large.  CirrusPoint is built by experts with real experience in monitoring complex global networks and IT systems.

End-To-End Visibility

Surprise, most solutions are really just point tools. Don’t overlook the importance of having a platform that’s extendable across the enterprise and can leverage all existing sources.  CirrusPoint unifies data across silos to increase visibility.

Automated Reporting

CirrusPoint enables corporate leaders and operations management to make decisions with more meaningful data and accurate reports over time. The automated reports from CirrusPoint are comprehensive, reliable and provide the business insights needed for board level meetings.  CirrusPoint provides both real-time status along with historical trends on health, availability, capacity, lifecycle, utilization, service levels, and operational KPI’s.

Reports & Dashboards for a visual presentation layer across the enterprise.

Shared data and KPI reporting for multiple layers of the organization.

The ServiceDashboard Solution

A Proven Platform

CirrusPoint’s ServiceDashboard is a modern data analytics and reporting platform that supports corporate objectives for IT Service Management including AIOps, Discovery, automated RCA, performance reporting, and unified observability. The solution offers a consolidated perspective (both real-time and historical) of business impact and risk across complex hybrid environments.

The solution is proven in the large enterprise and is currently being used by Fortune 100 organizations to reduce incidents and for monitoring the critical networks, systems, and applications.  Please take a moment to view some of the CirrusPoint Use Cases on the Strategic Consulting page.

Enterprise Reporting

CirrusPoint provides enterprise grade reporting that can handle a high volumes of data and scales easily in large environments. CirrusPoint elevates traditional methods to a new level by automating the distribution of high quality reports and sending proactive alerts to end users and mobile devices.  Report data is correlated to business impact for the most reliable information.  The reports library in ServiceDashboard is comprehensive and extends across performance, health, availability, capacity, utilization, service level, mean-time-to-repair, locations, events, and much more.

CirrusPoint Tip

There are so many options in the market today with enterprise monitoring and reporting solutions, but how do you differentiate? There are also many legacy tools that are still in place, but how do you replace or evolve them?  Most solutions begin as a ‘point tool’ in some specific domain (i.e. network, storage, application, security logs, etc.) and then bolt on extras and make the claim they are a complete enterprise platform.  That bottom up approach makes it difficult for that type of platform to have real business value or operational use.

CirrusPoint’s platform is agnostic to data and vendor event sources and starts at the top of the stack and monitors what’s important (and what business depends on) across all of IT while providing a true end-to-end perspective. The purpose for ServiceDashboard is to orchestrate and unify… across ALL areas.  To start out, the solution can run in parallel to existing tools to enable you to replace current solution when ready.  Enterprise data serves as the driving source for business reports.  CirrusPoint ensures reports are more accurate by having better analysis over the data early in the process (and before ticketing).

Business Impact Analysis

Improve operations and business level visibility by having intelligent analysis over all the data and faults collected.  Apply business-centric awareness within IT and Operations so resources know the potential impact of change before actually making it.  Better analysis into business impact helps prioritize remediation tasks within IT Operations and improves customer experience.  For help with Service Mapping and associated BI and Analytics efforts, contact CirrusPoint Professional Services for help.

Performance Reporting

Become more proactive by having access to both real-time status as well as historical trends.  View at multiple layers of each service and down to individual metrics on technology assets and components that support the overall business service. CirrusPoint provides the holistic perspective and view of corporate health & availability while providing a wide range-of-use across the enterprise.  The wide range-of-use brings a valuable end-to-end perspective over data for broader use across the company and with a shared sense of accountability into business impact and risk.  Become more proactive with data that allows everyone to plan.

Fault Management

CirrusPoint matures the fault management strategy by applying correlation and automated intelligence to the Root-Cause Analysis process and help Operations teams become more accurate and responsive.  CirrusPoint automates the process of identifying impacting anomalies and the associated “actionable events” in order to bring more operational efficiency into the organization.

CirrusPoint reduces the symptomatic conditions and events that create excessive tickets in the service desk by applying automated intelligence to the faults/events collected.  CirrusPoint helps organizations move beyond manual data consolidation efforts within CMDB’s, Data Lakes, and ticketing systems to make information more consumable to all resources.  It’s time to reduce the noise and focus on what matters!   Contact CirrusPoint if you would like to assess your IT Governance and improve processes like Incident, Problem, Configuration, and Change through better Discovery and Fault Management.

CirrusPoint Tip

Most fault tools on the market are just consolidating SNMP traps and logfiles and then applying some 3rd party dashboard engine to make things look more exciting to users.  It’s not difficult to do for most organizations with opensource offerings available today.   Some of these capabilities have been commercialized however the offer little value since they are missing the necessary AI to automate and improve business and operational functions.

Look out for several products that fall into this category including solarwinds and netcool among many others.  CirrusPoint helps organizations take the buzzword out of AI and create some actual value with it.   CirrusPoint provides the missing automation in the form of automated intelligence (AI) that allows you to streamline the process of Root-Cause Analysis (and reduce events) while correlating actionable data to end users and business impact.

Notification /Escalation

Improve accuracy of mobile alerts and notifications sent to resources with analysis provided by CirrusPoint.   If your organization is deploying notification tools like PagerDuty without having the proper facility for identifying root-cause first – that strategy leads to many more false positives and inaccurate downstream reporting for business leaders.  It will eventually loose it’s value.  CirrusPoint provides a platform that ensures reliability and accuracy before sending notifications and helps protect the credibility of all important tools and data sources.  Having reliable root-cause data improves the overall process of facilitating the right resources when incidents occur.

CirrusPoint Tip

You shouldn’t have buy a separate tool just for notifying resources that an issue has occurred.  If you are building your architecture exclusively around tools that were originally built for pager duties and sending text messages, then you are mostly likely reverse engineering your architecture making it more prone to user pushback.   The enterprise architecture should not be built around a “notification” or “ticketing”.  Those happen after applying the foundation and AI.  Ensure you can produce Root-Cause events before sending text messages and opening tickets.

Notification (and the process of sending alerts) should be a standard/inherent feature of any enterprise-grade solution which provides fault/event management.  A few “false positives” with the notification system can reduce the overall goal and users end up calling the helpdesk to have notifications shut off completely.

Service Level Reporting

CirrusPoint enables enterprise organizations and managed service providers the ability to gain better perspective on Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) by looking at all aspects that impact them and leveraging metrics that are not subjective to the manual ticketing activity.  CirrusPoint provides a reliable source of truth in Service Level Analytics and provides a real-time perspective when SLA’s deviate from the norm with drill-down to the root-cause impact and accountable data.  If your organizations needs help setting SLA’s, contact CirrusPoint for help.

Operational QoS

View trends on the conditions that impact operational support and service being provided to end users and customers.  It’s important for Operations Management to see how well incidents are being handled internally and for customers. Measure the Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) and operator workload more accurately across both events and tickets. CirrusPoint helps organizations bring back the missing visibility regarding the performance of outsourced operations across all locations with the ability to cross-check ticket SLA’s with real downtime and customer impact metrics.  CirrusPoint provides the reports to help you better establish, understand, and enforce SLA’s/OLA’s and underpinning contracts.

Risk Management

Improve planning and forecasts by becoming more risk-aware of what’s driving performance and capacity trends and what assets and services have the potential of failing and causing disruption to the business. CirrusPoint provides the organization a real-time view of how all assets are performing in the environment from a single screen so you can keep an eye on what’s causing unnecessary risk to the business and what areas are in need of service.  Become risk-aware by catching anomalies in real-time and understanding what’s impacted.

Inventory Management

Improve inventory management through robust discovery of assets, application components, and the relationships between everything.  CirrusPoint provides the missing components needed to make CMDB’s useful and ensure data repositories are always fresh and accurate for reporting.   The integration is bi-directionally with most CMDB’s and fills many of the discovery gaps for infrastructure and application services.  Understanding both the physical and logical relationships between assets helps improve the value of the data used for inventory reporting.  Capabilities extend further by providing asset lifecycle reporting on systems and devices across the organization for better control of cost and infrastructure needs.

If your organization is looking for a reboot, or just had enough with your current service now CMDB and looking to replace it with something that users can consume more efficiently, easily, (and trust), contact CirrusPoint for a better experience.   Additionally, if you would like to run an initial discovery as an assessment, CirrusPoint has several professional services options to help enterprise technology leaders better identify what the technology footprint looks like for their organization.

Predictive Analytics

Avoid the potential of outages and eliminate customer performance incidents by automating trend-line analysis on all the data collected.  CirrusPoint provides analytics for forecasting, prediction, and and early warning.  The solution enables IT and Operations teams to take action when IT systems are showing early signs of being at risk or are becoming unhealthy.   CirrusPoint measures the customer experience and provides the indicators when optimal service falls below where it should be.  Become more proactive and prepared with CirrusPoint analytics.

Asset Lifecycle

Extend inventory reporting by looking at the longer term risk of overspend on infrastructure and decommissioned devices/assets.  Monitor asset lifecycle more closely and in-line with business need.  Track and report on asset costs, lifecycle, and maintenance in-line with the end-to-end status and impact of lifecycle events on the business.

Enterprise Dashboards (CIO, LoB, IT, Operations, Performance, etc.)

It’s important to have dashboards that are intuitive and easy to use across teams at various levels.  Most importantly, dashboards need to be meaningful and provide action-based insights.  With ServiceDashboard, you don’t have to be an engineer to decipher KPI’s and trends required for making critical decisions. CirrusPoint has many ready-to-use dashboards that are available for many different parts of the organization and promote end-to-end visibility that influences proactive collaboration across the enterprise.  The search for that Single Pane of Glass dashboard and starting point for reporting on business insight ends with CirrusPoint.  Learn more by submitting your interest via the contact page or send an email to solutions@cirruspoint.com.

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