Use Case Overview

Areas of Focus:
Service Health & Availability, Site/Location Weekly Reports, Business Impact

CirrusPoint automated enterprise reporting across a number of IT services and business lines for a Fortune 500 client while adding Health and SLA metrics to application service and regional reports. CirrusPoint provided several disparate teams a new found level of visibility along with access to meaningful information on long-term trends on service impact.  The existing high cost (maintenance & labor) reporting tools were replaced with CirrusPoint’s ServiceDashboard for more accurate and timely reports.  The ticket-based data source for reporting (Remedy) was also replaced by CirrusPoint discovery.


Enhanced decision making with better reports and increased usability of data.
Increased participation and organic interest in reporting platform from several regional teams.
Auto-distribution of reports for various teams (Network, VoIP, ECom, Distro, and several applications).
Provided regional locations/offices/DC’s visibility into their service health, SLA, and availability.
Decommissioned legacy platforms naturally without any force.   User’s decided post-sales.