Enterprise Monitoring & Reporting for today’s hybrid environment

CirrusPoint provides a highly-automated and intelligent approach to enterprise monitoring, reporting, and unified collaboration with the ServiceDashboard solution.   Experience a scalable enterprise solution that provides visibility across global IT assets and applications. As a SaaS-based platform for prevention, ServiceDashboard helps organizations reduce downtime and avoid incidents, security risk, and performance conditions that impact the business.



One of the challenges with IT transformation is that enterprise monitoring, reporting, and data collection has been undertaken as independent and isolated efforts without the appropriate orchestration. What’s missing is having shared visibility into business impact which is also needed to motivate people and unify process. The complexities have only grown in IT today and the addition of hybrid/cloud computing models and converged assets have only added to it. Organizations are often left with more data than humans can process, and a scattering of tools that are not integrated and provide no central source-of-truth on impact, risk, and performance.


ServiceDashboard was designed to be the entry point for identifying and diagnosing the “root-cause” of service impact across all monitoring tools and instrumentation/data sources in order to improve the effectiveness of problem remediation, the facilitation of resources, and operational response to customers issues.  The solution is designed to offer IT, Operations, and line of business leaders a complete and transparent view of all assets and services across the organization and how their business is impacted by infrastructure capacity, security risk, and resource accountability.  The solution is a modern and secure enterprise platform for monitoring, reporting, and proactive notification.    CirrusPoint solves a number enterprise challenges including:

Top-Down Service-Based Monitoring & Reporting

Having a service-based approach to monitoring and reporting allows the organization to operate more effectively by understanding the cross-domain impact of enterprise faults that occur within a technology domain and how they might impact a line of business, location, application, or a customer.   CirrusPoint goes beyond just monitoring the technical metrics such as CPU and Memory to provide a more focused and action-oriented perspective on capacity and performance that’s correlated to customer impact.  KPI’s and metrics are comprehensive and enable business decisions.  CirrusPoint monitors deep into the network infrastructure layer, but provides a business impact centric perspective which enables better operational support to customers.

Reporting for line of business leaders never got easier and the credibility of reports provided by CirrusPoint are more reliable than any ticketing source (including service desk tools) and our reports can not be manipulated by the manual ticketing process.  CirrusPoint is reporting on the root-cause and the actual ‘duration’ of the business impact as opposed to looking at all events/tickets as symptoms.  This is how you produce accurate numbers in reporting for SLA’s.


Automating problem determination while isolating symptoms has been impossible in the past; however with a platform like CirrusPoint, you can become more operationally effective by focusing on actionable events while suppressing the noise. CirrusPoint provides auto-discovery, topology maps, and an understanding of dependencies across assets and service.  This enables the ability to detect root-cause and eliminates the high rate of false-positives that are common in IT today.

Business-Level Event Correlation in the Hybrid Environment

Prioritizing operational response and participating in early planning & prevention requires better analysis across the technology stack along with the ability to correlate more intelligently. CirrusPoint is providing a new layer of capability that allows users to see across global business lines and diverse locations, allowing the right resources to take action more proactively.

Proactive Notification & Early Warning

Facilitating resources effectively requires the ability to separate symptomatic noise from true business impact (in real-time).  Whether on-prem or in the cloud, the rapid growth and complexity of IT has made everything more difficult to manage.  IT and Operations need a more holistic context surrounding the associated and perceived impact.  This perspective is essential before sending out any text messages, emails, or notifying someone that they need to divert their attention to go fix a problem that is not really under their scope.

Without a reliable context on root-cause and associated impact, false-positives are often sent which waste time and eventually users will ask to shut off the notification system completely if  it’s not accurate.   CirrusPoint provides the capability to eliminate the false-positives that exist across machine data, logs, and events so you can maintain integrity with your tools and ensure users can focus on things that really matter.

Culture & Awareness

Having a shared sense of transparency and awareness across the enterprise naturally creates a more prevention-focused culture.  With CirrusPoint, everyone will benefit from having a cross-domain understanding of the overall business status and how their technical services are performing for others.

We are changing the standard approach today which is to wait for something to break, receive a large number of faults, open a bunch of tickets, and then get everyone on the phone.  Automating RCA and remediation helps to eliminate these time consuming and costly tasks.

CirrusPoint offers a better experience by providing a more service-oriented perspective and a real-time view of corporate status.  This includes showing unhealthy components and services that are on the verge of failure or have the potential of causing impact on the business at a future point.  It allows teams to better plan and prepare for change and what might be impacted prior to making it.

Monitoring & Reporting

CirrusPoint Managed Services

CirrusPoint is your answer for managed NMS services and Site Reliability by providing the ability to offload the day-to-day administration and SRE to industry solution experts.  Let’s face it; it’s hard to find resources these days who can take on the ongoing daily administration tasks required from enterprise monitoring and complex cloud management systems.   On the user side, they all want meaningful information and want it in real-time, but don’t want to have to work for it.

With CirrusPoint, you no longer have to spend your time developing probes and writing rules to keep up with constant change.  Rules-based systems are a thing of the past and begun phasing out 20 years ago but most organizations have failed to see or embrace that wave of innovation.  CirrusPoint makes it easy to apply some Automated Intelligence (our version of AI) into your technology operations this year.   New and innovative approaches allow you to eliminate the manual efforts.  Along with some expert managed services, they also lower the risk and impact so you can continue operating without disruption when resources decide to leave.

Great technology doesn’t have to go to the wayside because of turnover, talent gaps, and legacy alliances. There are a number of solutions including CirrusPoint can help you automate, manage, and leverage the architecture to the fullest.  Some of the other solutions offered as remote services include IBM Netcool, CA NetQoS, and EMC Smarts.  Whether you want to replace or maintain your NMS, CirrusPoint has a solution where you win and we create happy corporate users instead of busy system admins.

CirrusPoint offers a full suite of software solutions

The ServiceDashboard solution helps enterprise organizations and service providers with their most demanding challenges across network, virtual, applications, storage, voice, cloud, IoT, and more. The solution fills and automates many gaps in the architecture and replaces a number of legacy tools that are costly and difficult to maintain in the complex hybrid environments of today.  CirrusPoint stands out by providing a highly usable and comprehensive single-pane-of-glass perspective that everyone in the organization can use and gain value from; along with the desired reports and proactive alerts.

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