Use Case Overview

Areas of Focus:
VoIP Monitoring & Reporting on Call Quality, Utilization, Availability, Performance, etc.

CirrusPoint is monitoring and reporting on all aspects of VoIP as a critical business service for a large global retailer.  CirrusPoint was selected over the main and obvious choice and leader in the industry for our ability to scale and the quality of reporting.  The solution is providing call statistics for over 3.8 million calls per day along with automated reports on the VoIP services end-to-end.


Operationlized VoIP and provided ability to monitor like a business service.
Realized massive cost savings over obvious choice.  Reduced VoIP outages.
Ability to scale VoIP call quality reporting with small footprint.
Automation of reports on VoIP service over time (end-to-end) calls/network/apps/etc.
Ease of searching for data/calls and historical trends for records and corporate legal/security.
Logical breakdown of VoIP reports by function (Clusters, AppGateways, CER, 911, Acme, AS400, CVP, CUSP, Call Mgrs, Phones, etc.).