Use Case Overview

Areas of Focus:
Enterprise-wide Network Monitoring/Reporting and Legacy Platform Replacement,  Automated RCA, Topology Correlation, Business Impact Analysis.

CirrusPoint was a clear choice for a global replacement initiative for enterprise network monitoring and evolved NMS to a more automated and cost-effective model.   CirrusPoint was selected after a few short months of trial and solving/preventing/finding issues that the current/incumbent system (running in parallel) was not.  CirrusPoint provided a solution that was more automated, easier to use, and better with end-to-end analysis and root-cause detection.  In competing with all legacy solutions, our clients prefer to have visibility from the tip of the cloud with CirrusPoint and as opposed to a windy solar experience.


Faster diagnosis of impacting root-cause issues.
More accuracy in dispatching network resources.
A more centralized and scalable solution.
Fewer incidents created in service desk from network related symptoms and events.


Ability to automate RCA across infrastructure.
More advanced analysis on network routing.
Having Accurate Site Availability Maps.
Added Business Impact Analysis.
Better product/support experience.
Correlation between network, systems, apps.
Closed the gap on finding innovative and modern/current solutions for the enterprise.