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Through enablement, sharing of experiences, and peer support, leaders become enabled to operate with great potential.

  Executive-Innovators and technology leaders are invited to advance business and career ambitions with opportunities to collaborate in a small team setting with like-minded professionals.  If you have found this page via Executive-Innovators, click here to learn more – Executive Innovators – 

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If you are looking to learn more about CirrusPoint, please check out the many resources and insightful content available below from CirrusPoint to help advance business and career objectives.   There are past webinars and recorded sessions along with some great articles available for access.

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Learn how to improve and simplify ITBM with examples and proven techniques to ensure success in your transformation journey. Related: ITSM, Cloud/Cross-Domain Monitoring, DevOps, and Enterprise Collaboration.

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Learn how to create a prevention-based approach for IT and Operations and improve customer experience.  Learn how to manage SLA’s along with enterprise health and performance more accurately across the organization and providers while centralizing reporting.

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Learn how to reduce costs and complexities of enterprise monitoring and reporting in the hybrid environment while improving visibility across business lines and locations.

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For Executive Innovators

Peer-Group & Boardroom Collaboration

Enrich your professional lives through peer-group collaboration and leadership exchange.

Value Enrichment

Work as a team to enrich the value of your role and the benefits you bring to your organization.

Goal Collaboration

Entrench yourself with knowledge and collaborate with like-minded professionals to solve goals.

Leadership Exchange

Exchange ideas and share strategies that promote transformational value and a mature vision.

Is your level of peer access to solving problem adequate?

Do you have all the proven strategies for making decisions and winning with technology, leadership, and vision?

Are you able to break past the barriers of your own echo chamber?

 If you’ve been frustrated with the status quo and looking for ways to accelerate forward then being part of a peer collaboration team might serve its purpose for you.

Business and technology leaders today know that real transformation requires real cultural changes and some creative efforts with budgets, resources, existing factions, etc.  None of this comes easy.  Executive-Innovator teams are designed to help one another tackle challenges across people, process, and technology for long-term success.

Learn what other are doing to achieve a winning outcome.

Please Contact us to be considered for one of the following teams:

Executive Leadership Value Enrichment

Executive Leadership Team – Cross function half-day strategy meeting for executives (CIO/CISO/CTO) to come together in a peer group session and share strategies for managing business.  The team will share similar titles and responsibilities within mid to large enterprise organizations and will be 100% focused on enablement (no sales of any sort from any vendor/member).

As a member you would be helping yourself and others devise/create winning strategies around personal leadership, optimizing technologies, and achieving results.   Members determine the content and topics.  Some examples include:

  • Creating value for business operations and stakeholders.
  • Increasing personal value inside your firm.
  • Building strategies for leveraging enterprise resources.
  • Discussing approaches with technology topics like digital transformation, cloud, assets, etc.
  • Reviewing successes and failures with enterprise initiatives.
  • Methods for improving organizational culture.
  • Successes with reducing cost/risk/etc.
  • Discuss ideas with peers to help you make big decisions.

Enterprise Technology Value Enrichment

Enterprise Technology Leadership Team – Cross function half-day strategy meeting for enterprise technology leaders to come together in a peer group session and share success and challenges in managing technology, vendors, and internal resources.  The team will share similar titles and responsibilities (i.e. infrastructure, operations, engineering, IT, architecture, devops) and hold a current position at a mid to large enterprise organizations.  The team will be 100% focused on enablement and there will be no sales of any sort from any vendor/member.

As a member you would be helping yourself and others devise/create winning strategies around personal leadership, optimizing technologies, and achieving results.   Members determine the content and topics.  Some examples include:

  • Supporting and extracting value from IT transformation and business goals.
  • Reviewing successes and failures with the enterprise architecture.
  • Increasing personal value inside your firm.
  • Driving forward ambitions and navigating change disruption.
  • Infrastructure, Operations, IT Governance, and culture.
  • IT, Data Center, Cloud, Security, DevOps, ITSM, M&R, AI.
  • Software Development & Engineering.
  • Sharing use cases in technology collaboration.
  • Discuss ideas with peers to help you make big decisions.

Interested in enhancing leadership in pursuit of innovation?

Teams consist of 7-10 enterprise technology leaders that meet periodically for a half day with occasional follow-on activity.   The boardroom is located in Chicago, just west of O’Hare Airport near 355 & I-90.  Out of town members meet 4-5 times annually; local members meet once a month.  There is a strong preference by our members for in-person meetings (our default), however based on the coronavirus we have created a parallel path for virtual attendees.

Bringing the right individuals together with aligned intentions is critical for success.  Having members with shared interest and commitment is fundamental in our pursuit for high value and purpose. If interested in being considered for a team, please contact Kevin Martin from CirrusPoint, use the Contact form, or send an email to admin@ cirruspoint.com with your interest.

                                                                           echo chamber (definition)

an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so

  that their existing views are reinforced, and alternative ideas are not considered.  Source: Oxford

Learn. Enable. Excel.  It’s time to move forward.

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A quick message …

Hello and thank you for visiting CirrusPoint on the web.  As a business we are focused on keeping our website informative; however we do not show or publish our trade secrets and intellectual property on our website.  We do however like to share knowledge and make it easy for even the largest organizations to experience the value of what we do at CirrusPoint.  I encourage you to sign up for a discussion, demo, or contact me or one of my team members to discuss your current goals and objectives for the year.  We can’t help every company, but there’s a good chance we can, and there’s is nothing to lose by taking a quick look – just insights gained.  Let’s partner and explore a path forward together.

At CirrusPoint we are passionate about ensuring our clients can not only secure great solutions, but also apply technology and innovative solutions that can make a difference. We provide long-term recognizable success for our clients and I stand behind all of the work we do.  We like to educate and enable our clients while creating successes stories that are notable.  We also believe that meaningful change should come without disruption and that it should be embraced and without fear and force.  That’s something we prove through our services and the use of high-impact solutions that create a shared sense of accountability and purpose across the organization.

As organizations transform, optimize, and empower their people to make good decisions for the business, there remains a challenge in that we don’t repeat the same mistakes from the past when it comes to building the technology architecture. I encourage everyone to have a plan to orchestrate and automate with best of breed solutions and not get entirely locked into one platform.  We have a difficult goal to collaborate more while in a remote world so we’ll need to apply the right approaches and mechanisms to help facilitate meaningful interaction across the company and continue to improve culture.

If you would like to learn more or build a success story together, please reach out to us. Contact Us and let’s at least start conversation.  I’m always interested in hearing what yo have to say.  Please leave your comments below.