CirrusPoint Solutions - Enable the organization to become proactive with Performance Analytics.


The Software...

CirrusPoint Solutions offers clients a new level of visibility through the use of our enterprise reporting and analytics software called "ServiceDashboard".

Inspired from a strong demand for consolidated end-to-end visibility, CirrusPoint's "ServiceDashboard" provides top-down service-based reporting (Health & Availability) for corporate infrastructure, network, and mission critical applications; in both physical and virtual environments. It also offers an advanced ready-to-use reporting engine with tons of reports.

ServiceDashboard displays real-time data as well as historical trends for predictive analysis that will help your organization identify: chronic performance issues, service level degradations, capacity constraints, and impact to business. The solution also provides insight into the operational effectiveness of fault management, ticketing, and remediation in effort to improve customer experience.

CirrusPoint is an official Dell/EMC partner and also certified and integrated with ServiceNow. CirrusPoint ServiceDashboard also comes pre-integrated with many of the enterprise solutions on the market today including Solarwinds, Splunk, AppDynamics, Smarts, and most others. The solution can be offered as a service and also integrates with your data repositories, CMDB’s, data lakes, and others.

The Solution...

CirrusPoint offers an enterprise-class solution that solves many of the challenges today in corporate environments where there's a mix of outsourced, hybrid, and connected teams. In this new era of digital transformation, what remains to be seen is the appropriate level of transparency into applications, operations, service delivery, and how we handle risk, along with how customers are experiencing your service.

Now more than ever there's a need to validate and analyze data with ready-to-use analytics, reports, and dashboards. CirrusPoint fills that need with an automated approach to gather, analyze, and display the output and with credible analysis. The solution was created to enable organizations to become more proactive and reduce the number of interactions over issues and focus on ultimately preventing them. The solution provides the information needed to better understand the overall health and how services are being impacted in real-time across all dependent technology areas such as Network, VoIP, Virtual, SDN, Storage, Cloud, Applications, and IoT assets.

The ServiceDashboard solution provides reports and a highly visual presentation layer that is appropriate and purposeful to multiple layers of an organization including: operations, line of business owners, application teams, domain administrators, system and application users, as well as business executives such as the CIO and senior management over corporate-wide shared services. A wide range of monthly, weekly, hourly, and annual reports are available that expand across various levels of technology and hybrid assets.

The Approach...

The approach removes the complexities and provides a platform that allows the most critical parts of the business to become better informed. The simplified approach allows for all users to quickly spot potential impact and know that a key service is on a downward trend and customers are about to experience a degraded state of performance, risk, or possibly even an outage.

CirrusPoint uses an approach that is extremely valuable to organizations today by leveraging existing investments in tools and data sources where possible and integrating with the CMDB's and service desk solutions from vendors such as ServiceNow and others.

The automated approach used by CirrusPoint ensures that ROI can be attained shortly after you begin using it. The automated approach applies to not only collecting and analyzing data, but also by providing dynamically generated dashboards for each line of business, technology area, customer, or site location. The CirrusPoint approach saves time and money. ServiceDashboard also provides unique capabilities for reporting more logically on discovered assets as well as the ability to break things down by business applications and geographical reference.

The Results...

CirrusPoint provides the results and the output that organizations have been chasing for many years with many different tools and platforms. CirrusPoint will help you close the gaps in the corporate architecture and unify the business. The benefits are aligned to:

Improved customers perceptions and experience

– by showing reliable and accurate information on the health of provided services. Operational costs are reduced by providing direct access for self-servicing data needs.

Reduce ticket and event counts

– by solving health and performance issues before they become higher impact availability ones. Focus incidents on root-cause, not symptoms and reduce tickets and the load on the service desk and IT Operations.

Improve Performance, reduce downtime and cost of incidents

– by enabling the entire organization to become more proactive when a service has become degraded, at risk, or has potential of failing.

Turn Operations into a proactive, responsive machine

– by enabling them to respond to what’s important and what’s impacting customers. Allow them to prioritize issues better and provide them with the ability to eliminate the costly impact from extended downtime or from ‘missing events’ in their console views. Provide teams the ability to quickly identify changes in performance and the root-cause of it – prior to opening a tickets and starting the "all-hands" calls.

Leverage existing sources of data more effectively

– by simplifying the integration and applying the appropriate presentation layer over the data. A lot has been spent today on tools, discovery sources, data mining, and many other initiatives. A ‘major’ differentiator for CirrusPoint is that we help organizations capitalizes on previous investments by transforming data into actionable information that will improve IT operations and help the business side in a way never experienced. Better visibility means better control of what's going on in the organization.

Scale at enterprise grade

– by using a solution that has proven scalability and the ability to grow with you over time. No environment is too big or too small to make a major difference with CirrusPoint.

Know the real story on the apps

– by bringing in the missing piece of proactive monitoring for internal and off-prem applications. All the past and current efforts to map out the applications and populate inventory systems and CMDB’s can be leveraged more effectively, or done right. CirrusPoint provides the functional views that are missing today and the ability to diagnose problems down to the port and process level while aligning impact notifications to the business services and the customers being impacted. ServiceDashboard covers all aspects of performance monitoring (on any device or asset, physical or virtual; and any application) while providing a correlated top-down approach to consuming data.

Reduce overlap in tools and the cost of maintenance and support

– by using a more informative solution that consolidates a starting point for early warning and detection. Remove the complexities of problem management and become more preventative.

Effectively measure operational services and support

– by having unique operational quality of service metrics from CirrusPoint to improve decisions around Operations. Bridge the gaps between fault management, ticketing, and operations to report more accurately on SLA's, Availability, and on the actual repair times across all sites.

General Use ROI & Deployment

CirrusPoint offers an accelerated return on investment by providing the ability to recognize all these results at an accelerated pace. CirrusPoint has eliminated the standard high cost and lengthy deployment cycles associated with big data projects and offers a streamlined solution that can be used in a shorter timeframe. ServiceDashboard has a unique ability to align with any type industry or business and report on any asset that has a source of data or instrumentation. ServiceDashboard was developed from of years of firsthand experience in some of the largest global enterprises. Industry leaders embracing CirrusPoint have gained valuable credit for accomplishing their business goals and objectives with successful outcomes.

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