CirrusPoint Solutions - The Service-Oriented View of IT and Operations - Dashboards, Reports, Performance Analytics, Business Impact Analytics, Health and Availability.
The Service-Oriented View of IT.
On-Demand dashboards and automated reports for quick and easy access to information on service levels, business impact, operations, and quality of service. Track overall health and availability of key services across all assets including IoT. Get Access!
Service-Aligned Root-Cause Analysis. Dashboards and reports from your mobile device. Stay informed of service impacts from anywhere. Receive reliable alerts and notifications and see where performance/outages from all silo's are impacting the business. Get Informed!
Monitor like 'service' matters! Real-time Analytics and historical trends on the health and availability of services, applications, locations, devices, etc. Understand how well you are servicing customers and what areas of technology are dragging down SLA’s and performance. Fully integrated with ServiceNow to automate RCA and improve business reporting. CirrusPoint is connecting IT to the Business. Finally a solution! Connect!
Improve operational effectiveness
with IT Operations Analytics.
Enhance investments in ITSM and integrate Fault Management to become more proactive and reduce customer issues, tickets, and calls. Provide the command center a single pane of glass view for identifying root-cause and where chronic performance issues are degrading key services. Improve operational response. Operationalize!
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Service Management Orchestration for the Business and Operations

... measure impact and improve customer experience across physical, virtual, voice, storage etc..


    The Intended Audience

    CirrusPoint is for organizations looking to become more proactive within their environment and the business it supports. If you have too much data, too many monitoring tools, and you don’t know what to do with it all - CirrusPoint can help! What makes ServiceDashboard an effective solution is the wide-scale usability across all functions. The solution is for organizations looking to bring event and performance data together and align it to a simple and informative view for the business and operations.


    Justify the Value

    Investments run deep in operations, tools, and the cloud. CirrusPoint is helping organizations achieve value from all of those investments by using the data to be more predictive and preventative in IT. The ServiceDashboard solution offers valuable insights and supports better decisions around technology. The value of the solution is recognized most importantly by your customers through service level improvements.


    The Results

    The results are real and you will see them in a few short months. You can improve the customer experience by reducing downtime and the elusive performance issues that persist with costly impact. The trends on service health allows organizations to become proactive at preventing issues and the executive teams finally get the reports they've been asking for. The results gained from transparency creates collaboration across the enterprise.


    The CirrusPoint Difference

    CirrusPoint is helping organizations bring back visiblity and control lost in the complexities of todays IT world and with the growing architecture supporting the cloud. ServiceDashboard provides a missing piece in ITSM Reporting and will help you better monitor your environment end-to-end and in the context of the business. ServiceDashboard provides an exceptional end user experience to ensure acceptance within and across your organization.