CirrusPoint Solutions - Dashboard reporting, performance analytics, business impact reporting, proactive health and availability.
An Enterprise Reporting Solution.
On-Demand dashboards and automated reports for quick and easy access to information on service levels, business impact, operations, and quality of service. Track overall health and availability of key services and all the dependent assets. Get Access!
Leverage the cloud and always be informed. Dashboards and reports from your mobile device so you can always be informed of service impacts in real-time. Receive meaningful weekly and monthly reports delivered directly to you - on time. See your worst performing applications what customers are being impacted at any time of the day. Get Informed!
Monitor like service matters! Real-time and historical trends on health and availablity of services and applications. Understand how well you are servicing your customers and what specific technology components are dragging down SLA’s and operational state. CirrusPoint is connecting IT to the Business. Connect!
Improve operational effectiveness
with IT Operations Analytics.
Support cloud investments by allowing the organizations to become proactive and reduce customer issues, tickets, calls. Provide the command center a single pane of glass view on where the root-cause problems exist and what chronic performance issues are degrading key services. Improve operational response and remediation. Operationalize!
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IT Performance Analytics for Operations - Impact Analysis for the Business.

Find out how ServiceDashboard can help your organization become more proactive!


    The Intended Audience

    CirrusPoint is for organizations looking to become more proactive with their environment and the business it supports. If you have too much data and you don’t know what to do with it - CirrusPoint can help. What makes ServiceDashboard an effective solution is the wide-scale use factor across all layers. The solution is for the organization looking to bring all the specific domain data together and align it to a simple and informative view for the business.


    Justify the Value

    A lot is invested in operations, tools, and the cloud. CirrusPoint is helping organizations achieve enhanced value from all of those investments. The ServiceDashboard solution offers valuable insights to support better decisions and it makes data more meaningful. The cost value is also recognized in many ways but most importantly by your customers through service improvements.


    The Results

    The results are real and come rapidly. You will improve the customer experience and reduce downtime along with the elusive performance issues that persist and have costly impact. The company becomes more proactive at preventing problems and the executive team finally gets the reports they've been asking for. The result is transparency across the organization.


    The CirrusPoint Difference

    CirrusPoint is helping organizations bring back the visiblity and control lost during the move to the cloud. ServiceDashboard provides the missing piece between monitoring the environment, and servicing customers - and will reduce both events and tickets - significantly! ServiceDashboard also provides an exceptional end user experience to ensure user acceptance in the investment.